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Phuket Design can create a database for you from scratch using information you provide about your merchandise and customer-base. Most businesses, already have at least some of this information in a current database. The days of filing cabinets are overImage.

The amazing thing about web sites with good database solutions, is that they can do much of your work for you. For example, if a customer buys something from your company on-line, or makes a booking, a good database solution will automatically update your inventory so you know you have one less item in stock. A good database solution should have the power to update your website site by itselve, letting customers know when an item is out of stock, or a room is fully booked. Your Dynamic database has multiple functionalities including file management and form creators.

Your online database can also help you keep track of your customers. Retail sites often allow their customers to create user profiles and store them in a customer database. Your clients can opt to provide information about themselves such as name, most-used billing and shipping addresses, credit card information, shopping preferences, hobbies, etc. Next time a customer visits your site he or she can log in using a password and can then use a personalized account. Customers find it convenient when they don't have to type in the same credit card and address information every time they want to buy something; and you, of course, find this convenient because you have vital information about your customers at your fingertips.

Customers will sometimes be kind enough to fill out marketing questionnaires and allow you to send them "opt-in" emails (emails they have selected to receive as opposed to unsolicited emails or SPAM). With a well developed database you can keep track of which customers have opted to receive emails and you can tailor emails to your customers' specific interests. Through opt-in emails you can notify your clientele of product updates, sales, specific merchandise that fits their marketing profile or even less positive news such as product recalls.

And--it almost goes without saying--your database will be searchable. You'll be able to search your customized database by any category; and you'll be able to allow customers to search it, or part of it, as you would prefer.

Further, you will have full control of your online database. As part of the set-up of your database, Phuket Design will train you to add or delete products, change prices or descriptions and edit your inventory from a web-based interface.